Wow, I forgot I made so many customs! I thought I had like, ten! I’m such a slow worker, and some of these ended up as gifts/trades, so I don’t have them all with me! Makes it easy to forget what you’ve made! ^_^; 

 Last three ponies! Well, five, but technically three of them are the same pony! I made a trio of Moogles for a husband and wife gaming couple I know, and since I was trying some new stuff (anchoring wings, a pompom hat thing, dip-dying manes and hooves), I wanted to make sure I didn’t ruin them! So, I made a third, a tester pony for myself! The couple liked them very much! :) 

One of my most recent customs was Applejack-o-lantern! I was bemoaning the fact that we don’t have a Halloween exclusive G4, so I decided to make my own! She’s just a modified G4, so there’s nothing TOO unique about her - I turned her apples into jack’o’lanterns with a little black paint, and pulled out some plugs in her mane/tail to give her a glow in the dark stripe! 

My most recent custom, for a G1-to-G4 custom event on the Arena! I love the boy ponies, so I HAD to do one, and I picked Wigwam! (I wanted to do Salty or Barnacle first, but they got snagged!) Keep in mind, the original toy is sort of a clusterfuck of cultural appropriation, so … I didn’t add anything, he already has a warbonnet and cringey name. :x I gave him a pet dog, since the event was supposed to be translating the toy into a G4 style, and all of the wave one G4s came with pets! Some of the photos look wonky cuz I tried to make a lightbox and it was a mixed bag of results! 

Also, I’m gonna put in another puff pony, cuz this post looks kind of bare! Ha ha! Here’s Peppermint Pirate again, I’m still pretty happy with her! I like fakies though, I enjoy their strange ‘charm,’ so she’s even more beautiful to me! Even with the glass eyes! 

Finally - all done! These are all my current customs to date - but I’m not done! Right now I’m working on an alternate-rehaired Sweetheart Sister pony, and then I have some G4s that are just in need of some paint! One of them as glow in the dark hair, wooo! I love glowy stuff! :D Thanks for reading!

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