Okay, I decided I wanted to post ALL of my custom ponies! :) (Thankfully I don’t have a lot. I’m slow!) So if you are tired of seeing them, too bad! Bwa ha ha! I already got two new followers out of posting the other ones, and I love making new pony friends! 

Oldest to newest, so I apologize if they burn your eyes! 

First up - my very first G3 custom! (Before this I used nail polish on a fakie at age 13, it was not pretty.) This is Miyavi, based on the popular Japanese pop-singer of the same name! He was a gift for my sister, who looooved him! 

Second is Maya, of the Jrock/Jpop band LM.C.! Similar story, another birthday gift! 

Third is Taejo, from Speed Racer! I actually made two of him (for two different Speed-Racer/Taejo obsessed siblings!), and I THINK this was the first one! 

Fourth is Taejo II and Rorschach! Rorschach has a different cutie mark on each side, and loooots of freckles! 

Fifth, Rorschach’s other side! I had fun trying to make him look NOT like a costumed version of the character (since I wanted to do something different!) while still retaining his … uniqueness. ;) 

Since I’m not including my puffy-haired ponies, that means we have to skip over the Ixions, who arrived right around here! Next up is Rorschach’s partner in crime, Nite Owl! He’s only a WIP right now, since I need to figure out how to properly do his symbol. ^_^; But I like his eyes! 

I’ll put some more in part II, I’m afraid of making it too image heavy for one post, haha! 

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